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Mee Siam Singapore

In Singapore almost all food courts or hawker centres sell this morning breakfast menu call Mee siam. This was one of  my late mom recipe passed down to me. She used to sell at her stall in the 80's and was well received by her customers.



1/2 pkt Bee hoon (soak with warm water and drain)
100 gm bean sprouts

Rempah (paste) for the Mee
1 cup of dried chili*
2 big onions*
3 cloves of garlic*

(Blend till form a paste)

3 tbspn of cooking oil
salt to taste
1) Heat the oil. Saute the 1/2 of mee siam paste till fragrant. Add salt to taste

2) Add in the Bee hoon and stir fry. Mix well and add the bean sprouts. Switch of the fire.

For the Mee siam gravy 
½ of the mee siam paste
4 cups of water

1/2  bottle tauco (wash to remove the saltyness and blend till become paste}
3 tablespoon sugar

tamarine juice (about 1 to 1  3 1/2 tbspn tamarine mix with 3 tbspn water)
1 tspn salt 

2 tbspn cooking oil

Heat oil and saute the the mee siam paste add in the blended taucho till fragrant. Add the tamarine juice, water and salt and sugar. Let it boil till the gravy a little thicken. The gravy should have the the sweetness in taste.

For garnishing 
5 boiled eggs

2 pc of fried tofu
cut Chives or spring onions slice
red chilis

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