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Traditional Malay Kueh Lapis

Firstly like to wish all Muslims around the world SELAMAT BERPUASA..... SYUKUR RAMADAN.
When month of Ramadan comes there will be many Bazaar selling all kinds of malay kueh kueh... and this happens to be me and my daughter's favourite. Just like to share a nostalgic recipe.... this is the not the Kueh Lapis beras or nyonya style.....or like the kue pepe indonesian style which you can find in Benga.....S.

Tips: Ensure that the surface is not so wet or no water vapour on each layers before pouring the next batter. You should use medium heat to steam the layers.


400gm plain flour
35gm rice flour
35gm corn flour
300gm sugar (I reduced to 250gm so not too sweet for my mum)
400gm thick coconunt milk
600 water
1/4 tspn salt
1/2 tspn rose essence
red colouring

Work Method
1 In another pot heat up the coconut milk, water and sugar till the
 sugar dissolve.. swtch of the gas. Let it cool at room temperature before
 mixing withthe dry ingredients

2. Heat the steamer by boiling water. Grease an 8 inch round pan with a drop or
 two cooking oil. Heat the the pan in the steamer

3. mix all the 3 types of flour and add the cooled coconut milk (item 1), add salt
 and rose essence

3. Ensure the batter has no lumps by using the drainer... drain at least twice....
 so the batter is really smooth and not too runny consistency.
4. Divide the batter into 2 portion, add red colouring (approx 800gm each
5. Start the first layer with white coloured batter (abt 200gm) and steam for
about 7 to 8 mins followed by the red coloured batter and continue to do it  till
the last layer. You should have 4 of white and 4 of red layers.

6. Steam the last layer for about 15 mins to ensure its properly cooked.

7. Once remove from the steamer  let it completely cooled before cutting the
 kueh lapis... if you are able to peel each layer nicely you know that you have
the right consistency of the batter.

Good Luck!!


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