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Roti Jala (aka roti kirai)

Well it' second day of Ramadhan. The eve of ramadhan, I told Yasmine that if she fulfill the full day fasting, I'll top up her daily allowance.... and to my surprise she did and so did Irfan.

Hmmm... Roti jala (not sure why its called "roti"..... means bread)... I would rather call it pan cake pastry stuff. Or should it be renamed... Lempeng Jala... :) oh what ever. Anyway this is Yasmine favourite's, today when she saw me doing it.... she suddenly asked if she could break her fast.....? Saw this unique style of, at a "kenduri" the other day so I thought I give it a try.

Check it out this is my new found "luv". You need a good flat pan to do this..... guess what, kind HB bought a German made flat pan for me from Metro.... he said it was about $60++. He said that since he likes pancakes... so he bought it.

Recipe from my mum 50 yrs old cookbook:
500 gm of plain flour
650 gm of water
1 egg
a pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of alkaline water
Hand whisk all in and mix well, you are ready to Jala or do the netting.
So this is what for 2nd day Ramadhan's break fast.... peeps.

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