Singapore Customised Halal Birthday/Wedding Cakes

Looking for customised halal birthday cakes or cupcakes in Singapore or halal wedding cakes Singapore or halal finger food or pastries or halal cookies for any occasion in Singapore? What's more all our cakes are using HALAL ingredients by muslim chef/baker.

We also conduct group or personal baking classes to suit your time and availability.

Email for pricing and general enquires click here for cakes ORDER FORM.

To check availability sms or whatsapp : +6592973070

Baked and Chilled Cheesecake

Chilled blueberry cheesecake has a sweet pastry based together with blueberry marbled effect. I've decorate it with chocolate designs as the trimmings
This Oreo Baked Cheesecake. the based was made from crushed oreo biscuits mixed with soft butter. The filling was also made of pieces of oreo biscuits.

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