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Looking for customised halal birthday cakes or cupcakes in Singapore or halal wedding cakes Singapore or halal finger food or pastries or halal cookies for any occasion in Singapore? What's more all our cakes are using HALAL ingredients by muslim chef/baker.

We also conduct group or personal baking classes to suit your time and availability.

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Rainy Sydney Summer Holidays 2011

Hey peeps or rather Gday Mate!! from not so Sunny Sydney Australia. 
Wondering where Ive been lately, yep the bakery was closed for orders coz the chef finally went on VACATION!! Yep you heard me....
Yep this is our second trip visiting The Taylors in Windang. Had a fun trip visiting and sightseeing. The last time we visited Sydney or rather Windang was in Dec 2005. Yasmine was 3 and Irfan was 5 back then... so they cant remember much of the trip so since Hb said he had to clear his leave from work so we decided to visit "Ang Moh" country this time..... coz the past few years we covered Indonesia, China, Thailand, Msia.

This is at Windang.... nice 2 storey bangalow.... cozy home well kept by Yo..... she always keep the house neat and clean.... dont forget your coaster..... she always reminds us :)

A trip down to Blowhole......
 Fish and Chips dinner

 This awesome Grilled fish and chips wow delicious yum yum
I purposely come to this spot, this was the exact spot where "Adam" from the telemovie drama Nur Kasih made a phone call to say he wasnt coming back to Msia.... sob sob sob....

 Windang Beach...... indescribable beauty

 Had a wonder trip..... we gonna miss the Taylors.... we went with 3 luggages and home with 4 plus 3 hand luggages..... :)

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