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Looking for customised halal birthday cakes or cupcakes in Singapore or halal wedding cakes Singapore or halal finger food or pastries or halal cookies for any occasion in Singapore? What's more all our cakes are using HALAL ingredients by muslim chef/baker.

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Baking cum Bachelorette Party on 30 April 2011

So many things had happened the past few weeks.... overseas workshop, hectic baking.... attending to customers request and queries and finally my health taken its toll (well not to worry im much better now) hubby had asked me to rest , slow down..... I think I had worked day and nite since early March.... hardly have enough sleep.

Okie just like to share this joyful event held at my place last Saturday.... Hasnirah had contacted me sometime in March asking me I could organised a baking event cum Bachelorette party for her friend (the one sitting in the pic). Well knowing me.... I had instanteneously said YES.....
I suggested that they do the cupcake bouquet.... starting from baking the cupcakes up to decorating in on a flower pot. And also the girls had fun doing Roti Jala dipped with my famous curry chicken ..... ahakks..... for their lunch.
After a long baking day....

Assembling the cupcake flowers.... rosette swirl cupcakes

Though some of the girls dont usually bake.... I can see the excitement and enthusiasm in them and the laughter throughout the baking session.... forgot to take a shot of their roti jala lunch....
thks to Dyan for the pixs

Well.... this is where Izahskitchen.... we make your baking dream comes true :)

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