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Lion King of the Jungle and I am no artist

Hey peeps, l like to share this piece of work or rather birthday cake...
You see whenever I decorate my cakes.... the first loyal critics will be from my dad. He was a self taught artist in his younger days and have done many paintings which I have decided to have my bro and cousins to a have it when I moved house.... really sorry dad. Now that I think how precious it would be.... I regretted giving them away.
So you see when I got this cake order, I thought why not since my dad always comments on my workmanship, why not let me try painting on cakes..... Hmmm either he has lost his skills or its totally different painting on cake.

He keep complaining how come your cream to soft.... blah blah....

Then I finally so now you know cake decorating is not easy as it looks..... and finally I had to continue painting it..... I can only say I am no artist.... I am just a cake decorator... haikkss

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Salam izah,
yr cake design n painting is superb dear. Keep up the good job.
Nanti cucu kak t bdae kak nak order mcm ni fr u. Luv yr creations.rgds, kak siti.